We’re breathing new life into water

The Waimin revitalises nature’s gift, delivering water that’s pure, mineralised and alive; straight from your tap. It’s a world first that returns water to the way nature intended; better tasting, deeply quenching and better for you.

Vibrating millions of people across the planet for good health and wellbeing

We put the good stuff back in!

As water flows through the Waimin, a measured dose of minerals is added. And as the water flows through, it comes in contact with a frequency created by a copper-encased Tesla coil with Shungite crystals. The result? Great tasting and refreshing water with a balance of essential minerals and positive vibrations. It’s water, energised for life.

The perfect companion for your water filter

The Waimin is compatible with most quarter-inch taps worldwide, making it ideal for filtration systems. The filtering process can deplete naturally occurring minerals we require for optimum health. This is where the Waimin comes in; working in tandem with water filters and adding back in essential minerals and goodness, for good health and wellbeing.

Better water for a better world

Some water filtering systems can deplete natural organic minerals. The Waimin delivers water balanced with essential minerals that meet World Health Organisation standards.

A fresh take on tap water

Better tasting & deeply quenching

Essential minerals for wellbeing

At home & on the go

Go with the good flow

Shop Waimin now for great tasting water, energised for life.